All new routes for 2017

    NOTE On 23rd April the long route has been amended due to dangerous cattle grids and complications on the origional, just a small change.

    Maps and profiles of the routes can be found on;

    The new 57 mile medium loop can be viewed by clicking HERE

    The new 27 mile route  HERE

    For the new 86 mile long route click

    FOR 2017 we have revised all routes. The "afternoon" loop up to Wanlockhead is now removed. Instead we have devised an new route which is an extension on previous years morning ride making it an 81 mile ride, all to be done before your reward of the famous Drumlanrig big feed back at the Castle. There will be ample cake supplies on the way round to keep you going.

    The new medium route is a slightly revised version of previous years morning route.

    A new short 26 mile route is now added which simply turns back for home at Moniave, but up and over the now infamous Dunreggan Brae; a fearsome challenge which is shared by all three routes.

    All routes will now finish with the majestic ride up the main castle driveway.