Here is some key information for the day:


    LOCATION  the event is based in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle, near Cargenbridge, north of Thornhill just off the A76. From the south you would head for Dumfries then round the bypass to the A76 , Drumlanrig ais 17 miles Noth of Dumfries. From the North, leave the Motorway at Elvanfoot and take the A702 Dalveen Pass Road. Drumlanrig is a large statly home and country park and is well signposted. postcode DG3 4AQ

    CAR PARK,:- when you approach the main entrance, you will pass the pay kiosk, if it's open let them know you are in the Drumlanrig Challenge and head on down to the left of the main house to our dedicated car park. Do not park in the public car parks.

    REGISTRATION:- Everything happens next to the car park area. Registration will  open at 8 am. simply collect your number then make your way to the start for your chosen start time as explained below. 

    START TIMES:-  86 and 57 mile routes:-start when you like from 8:30 through till 10 am. Faster riders please leave early slots available for slower riders. Slower riders please start early so as not to finish very late.

    the post race feed will not be available before 12:30 so if you hope to do the 57 mile route at a brisk pace, don't start too soon.  We would hope most people will arrive back between 1 and 3 pm. the timed finish will close at 4 pm . At the point of division (35 miles) the long route will close at 12:30 and all riders will be directed onto the 57 mile route.

    27 mile route:-  This route  is very much about enjoying the countryside as you ride. There will be a mass start for this distance at 10:10  . it is absolutely NOT a race. 

    STARTING PROCEDURE:-   ( THIS MAY CHANGE FOR 2018 COME BACK TO CHECK )There will be a small taped off starting bay on the edge of the car park, up to 20 (or so) riders will be allowed in the bay at a time. After a short briefing you will be sent on your way. Interval between groups will be as long as it takes, a minimum of 2 mins. 

    FINISH LINE:- We operate a manual timing system; this is  accurate and reliable provided you STOP at the finish point and make sure the stewards have you number. If you ride by at speed or in a group you might not get a time. ( WE ARE LOOKING INTO ELECTRONIC TIMING FOR 2018 )

    FEEDS:- There will be an  intermediate water/banana/ feed point at around 35 miles on the 86 and 57 mile routes plus a more limited feed stop in Moniaive at 70 miles ( 46 miles on the 57 route) . This second feed is the only one for the short ride and is 17 miles in. 

     As always there will be lots  of food  at Drumlanrig for you to enjoy at the end of the ride as well.

    Don't rely totally on these intermediate feeds to get you round each part of the ride, take some of your own if you think you will need it.

    ROAD CONDITION :-  A lot of the Drumlanrig route is on some very minor very lightly used roads. This is part of the attraction, but it does mean they are low maintenance priority and can be very rough, be aware.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY :-  Enjoy your day, hopefully make some new friends.

    Dave Moss