2017 Entry now closed at sientries.co.uk . And now closed for late entries also. entry Entry form for those who entered late Drumlanrig Entry Form 2017.pdf  , donate here , 

    No more entries.

    Entry Fee:- The Drumlanrig Challenge is a charity fund raising event for Tearfund. . Instead of an entry fee in excess of £30 entry is by a small registration fee plus a donation of your choice which is forwarded in its entirety to Tearfund. When deciding on your donation please. 

    Tearfund will use your donation to make a life changing, or even life saving, difference to those in need. By allowing entrants to choose the level of donation we enable those on limited income or families to enter without being deterred by the cost. We have been encouraged by the fact that in past years donations have exceeded what we would have raised with a fixed fee.

    Also here is a tearfund sponsor form,Tearfund sponsorship form  it would be great if you could use this to further boost the funds going to the vital work of Tearfund. Discover more about the work of Tearfund HERE


    What if I have entered and now cannot come :-

    If you have already sent in your form and donation, we will not be able to return your donation, but if you let us know before the day we will give you a guaranteed entry for 2018. Do please let us know as we may have people desperately waiting for a place.