The Drumlanrig Tearfund Challenge began in 2006 when keen cyclist and event organiser Dave Moss got together with the then local community policeman, Rolf Buwert (the w is a v like the Germans say),  to provide a cycling demonstration day at Drumlanrig castle. The first idea was for a road race, but Dave was unable to find a suitable circuit from Drumlanrig. Dave was just getting interested in the UK sportive scene at the time and this option was chosen. With both Rolf and Dave being Tearfund supporters, it was agreed to use the event as a fund raiser for the very worthy cause. The link to a Christian charity also provided a link to the valuable volunteer recourse available within the local churches; especially the baking talents that seem to abound within this community.

    Over the years the popularity and reputation of the event has steadily grown and lessons have been learned by the organising team. With the army of helpers willingly giving their time and effort free, we have been able to provide the participant's with a first class event and at the same time maximise the money available to Tearfund. Over £10 000 is now raised each year from riders donations and more is raised by many of the riders using the event for fund raising individually for the cause of their choosing. But the money raised is by no means the only positive from the event, both the riders and the volunteers enjoy the day, each gaining from, and often commenting on, the cheerfulness and friendliness of the other; long may this continue.

    For some of you the event, and the knowledge of who is putting it on, might have helped to remove some misconceptions you might have had about the Christian faith and the church community. Perhaps you would like to find out more, or even join us. If so please use the contact facility to get in touch and we will do our best to answer your questions or point you to where you can find out more. The Tearfund web site would be a good place to see something of this faith in action.